LED Mosquito Killer Bulb



This product attracts and kills mosquitoes by electrocution.It is recommended to use this lamp without people present, which could hinder the ability to attract insects. For example, turn on the bulb for an hour before going to bed by closing the windows and the door.
Mosquitoes are the major cause of malaria. Mosquito is mostly found in rain forest zones and water containers To prevent mosquitoes especially around kids who can’t defend themselves from these vicious creatures, you will need mosquito killer night lamp.  Mosquito Killer Night Lamp comes in a high-quality brand new design,‎ with direct Plug‎-In and maintenance free.‎ It requires no Chemicals,‎ Mats or Sprays,‎ No use of polluting chemical,‎ it is without Sound or Noise and economic friendly.‎ Small and portable, takes up little space, easy and convenient to carry. Last for years.

  • healthy & friendly to use
  • kills fast
  • 12 watts
  • power ac 220v/50HZ